Change readiness assessment

Change readiness assessment

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Change readiness assessment:
Is your organisation ready for change?

Nearly everyone has already experienced it once before or at least heard about it: a company starts a change process that stalls after a short time period. This is often due to the fact that the current willingness to change was not determined beforehand and the subsequent change process was not adapted to the current status. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct a change readiness assessment that measures the willingness to change at the beginning of the change process, but also at specific points of time throughout the change process.

This analysis includes both an external as well as an internal perspective. Externally, it is concerned with all touchpoints along the customer journey and particularly measures the degree of readiness of the moments of truth, i.e. the suitability of the most important touchpoints to transport the brand identity. In addition to that, internal processes are analysed in order to understand the willingness to change of individual organisational units.

This way the tools for the change process can be applied in a targeted and efficient way – adapted to the needs and current status of both employees and customers as well as stakeholders. This way, failure of the process is effectively prevented and brand performance can be sustainably improved.

What we offer

We have developed an integrated measuring system. Internally, it determines an index for the degree of maturity, which gives information about the behaviour and your organisation. Externally, it measures the brand performance perceived by your target group at the moments of truth.

Through the internal measurement of the willingness to change regarding IT-infrastructure, organisational structure, etc. one can answer the question to what extent the prerequisites for change are given. The strengths and weaknesses of your organisation are uncovered and the most important levers for the further extension of these strengths can be identified.

The external determination of the brand performance identifies the relevant behavioural moments of truth, where the individual touchpoints along the customer journey are rated based on their ability to communicate the benefits and brand positioning.

On top of that, the status quo measurement of the change readiness index and brand performance can be used to derive an optimal future target value from the point of view of your target groups.

Your benefit

In a change process it is important to integrate your employees early on by providing comprehensive information and asking for active participation. Through the change readiness assessment, you achieve a better understanding internally and therefore a greater willingness for change. Additionally you gain arguments that have been developed taking into account the whole organisation. This is the basis for the initiation of the process. Since your employees recognise themselves, you avoid the “not invented here”-syndrome and therefore the rejection of change, as every employee has the possibility to actively participate in the process.

Our tool identifies the areas of change that show the highest efficiency in relation to the jointly defined objective and to further develop existing strengths.

So you have the right and most important arguments in your hand that demonstrate the necessity and efficient direction for the process. This generates security and increases the motivation to start the transformation.

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