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Change by brand: Shaping change positively with the brand

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” What the Chinese already wrote down in a proverb long ago can be observed in many places nowadays. Change has turned into our constant companion.

Reasons for this are for example the digital transformation, an increasing global interconnectedness of markets, people and products or the change in values that has been postulated in many cases. There are also many occasions for this: inefficient processes, decreasing or stagnating business performance, strong growth, insufficient commitment of employees, changing conditions due to target groups or competition or simply a leadership or generation change.

What is clear in any case: those who do not change, will lose! However, the challenge with this is that around 70 percent of all change processes fail. This is why we have looked for a positive driver of change processes and found one: the brand.

The brand as positive motivator for change converts resistance into motivation and leads to a positive transformation. This way, change acts as excellence initiative that is started from within and generates a long-term and sustainable transformation.

For this process, it is important to first determine the current status of the willingness to change using a change readiness assessment. Only then it is possible to use behavioural branding to specifically target and influence the behaviour of employees as brand ambassadors and designers. Simultaneously, the structure of your company is developed further and changed into a customer-focused organisation.

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