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Brands are a central driver of success and therefore a substantial part of the shareholder value.
In this context the brand is frequently discussed as a factor for value creation – but surprisingly it is barely used in a value-oriented manner or measured monetarily.

As a management consultancy for brands we have stepped up with BIESALSKI & COMPANY to change this!
Driven by our mission ›Turning Brands into Value‹ we achieve strategic superiority, competitive advantage and proof of the brand’s value creation to strengthen our clients’ brand earning power:

Strategic superiority means to shape the success of tomorrow and today in a sovereign manner. In doing so, we see the brand as a ‘customer orientation program’ to increase competitiveness and profitability. An effective brand architecture combined with an identity building and differentiating positioning defines a clear course, which is backed up with measurable goals. This is helpful for both approaching customers as well as for acquiring and retaining suitable employees.

The realisation of competitive advantages demands ‘the courage to embrace change’. Managing change with the brand aims at strengthening the customer loyalty, customer acquisition and price premium. How? Through consistent touchpoint experiences that are achieved through effective communication and behaviour of all employees that honours the brand promise. A brand claim that has been defined collectively is most suitable to turn employees into ‘brand ambassadors’.

A valid proof of the brand’s value creation supports the brand and marketing in order to reach a position of strength. The hereto related appreciation is the premise for establishing a ‘value-oriented brand management’ in the company. Furthermore, a solid monetary brand valuation helps to detect the ‘hidden reserves’ of the brand, to lift the value added potential and to capitalise the brand as a financial asset. As a consequence the brand, as a quantifiable factor of success and security for investors, moves into the centre of entrepreneurial action.

To put it in a nutshell: We combine the emotional world of brands with substantial facts. With customer orientation and expertise we develop future-oriented solutions and put them into practice – this way we create an evident added value for our customers.


Alexander Biesalski

Managing Partner

Alexander Biesalski is a pioneer in monetary brand valuation and value-oriented brand management. He is the founder and majority stakeholder of BIESALSKI & COMPANY management consulting in Munich.

During his studies in industrial engineering and management he was already fascinated by the combination of various disciplines. Throughout his career path he worked in the fields of business strategy, marketing, market research, banking and management consulting. Therefore he has developed various competencies, which he has used to focus on a value-oriented perspective of brands. His customers – consisting of international corporations as well as innovative SME’s – share his credo: “A good name is your strongest asset”. Even more reason for him to dedicate his full strength into verifying and reinforcing brand profitability and effective marketing.

Besides multiple book contributions and publications, amongst others in market research, brand management, brand value measurement and behavioral branding, he is author of market studies for the magazine ‘Wirtschaftswoche’. Alexander Biesalski is a popular guest-speaker and lecturer for subjects such as brand valuation, brand strategy, brand touchpoints, brand controlling and brand capitalisation.

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Dr. Thomas Andresen

Dr. Thomas Andresen

Senior Partner

Dr. Thomas Andresen is co-founder of icon brand navigation. In this consultancy he was responsible for the development of methods (e.g. iceberg model, brand steering weel) and gave advice to Nokia headquarter, BMW, Canon, Lufthansa, Beck’s and others.

After selling his shares to WPP, he worked as an independent brand consultant.

Dr. Thomas Andresen has been a member of the jury of the science award of the German Marketing Association for many years.

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Tomasz de Crignis​

Tomasz de Crignis


Tomasz de Crignis, MBA, who is Partner at BIESALSKI & COMPANY derives his knowledge of brands as a financial asset from his professional experience in value-oriented brand assessment. De Crignis has demonstrated the important role of brands in a company’s success on over 100 assessed brands. He advises BIESALSKI & COMPANY’s clients on financing, licensing and financial accounting related to brand management as well as strengthening and maximising the brand’s profitability.

De Crignis has published numerous papers related to brand management (eg. “Managing a brand as a financial asset”, “Using the brand as a loan security”) creating awareness of the brand as a vital part of the company’s profitability.

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Dr. Ulrich Weilnhammer​

Dr. Ulrich Weilnhammer

Executive Consultant

Dr. Ulrich Weilnhammer supports BIESALSKI & COMPANY as an expert on change processes and organizational development. Interdisciplinary thinking is part of his job in his profession as physicist, business economist and professional coach (ICF) of course. For this reason, all participants are able shape change processes. Dr. Weilnhammer has gained experience for 11 years in the fields of strategy consulting, organizational development and executive coaching in different industries, leading medium-sized companies and corporate groups.

Furthermore Dr. Weilnhammer is practice experienced. Because of more than 10 years of operative managerial responsibility in jobs as managing director, board member, interim manager and a company’s founder he knows how to release potentials in companies, markets and for each individual employee. In his opinion, a brand represents the basis for internal and external communication of a company – at the same time it is an important lever to form development processes regarding the employees’ behaviour.

Sustainable growth in balance with resources and potentials is the focused topic by Ulrich Weilnhammer. This also involves to understand the matter of facts, transparency in development and measurable success.

Because after all, people make brands and the difference.

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Eva Nentwich

Senior Consultant

Eva Nentwich has in-depth experience in brand consulting and brand controlling in the corporate sector. In addition to brand valuation and value-based brand management, her expertise extends to optimisation of brand potential and brand architecture.

Before BIESALSKI & COMPANY Nentwich gained professional experience as a consultant at BRAND RATING and prior to that as the head of marketing communication at Volkswagen in Australia.

She graduated under Professor Esch as Master of Business Administration at Justus-Liebig-Universität (Institute of Brand- and Communication Research) in Gießen, Germany. Along with her studies she worked at the company “ESCH.The Brand Consultants”.

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Heike Amler​

Heike Amler

Senior Consultant

Heike Amler, Senior Consultant bei BIESALSKI & COMPANY, verknüpft die emotionale Welt der Marken mit Zahlen und Fakten bei der Managementberatung für Marken. In den vergangenen Jahren hat sie sowohl international agierende Großkonzerne als auch mittelständische Familienunternehmen dabei beraten, den Unternehmenserfolg mit der Marke zu steigern. Dazu gehören die Analyse, Positionierung und Strategie ebenso wie die monetäre Bewertung von Marken. Darüber hinaus entwickelt sie digitale Tools und Lösungen zur integrierten Steuerung von Marke und Marketing und begleitet Unternehmen, wenn es um das gezielte Management der eigenen Reputation im Markt geht. Vor ihrer Zeit bei BIESALSKI & COMPANY hat Heike Amler in Aschaffenburg und Los Angeles Betriebswirtschaftslehre studiert und eine Banklehre absolviert. Sie konnte darüber hinaus vielfältige Einblicke in operative Bereiche auf Unternehmensseite erhalten – unter anderem im Marketing von immowelt.de, im Vertrieb der Dresdner Bank (heutige Commerzbank) und Esprit sowie im Controlling von easyCredit.
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Prof. Dr. Sebastian Scharf​

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Scharf

Senior Research Expert

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Scharf is an expert in analytical marketing. In his doctorial dissertation entitled “Return on Marketing” he analysed the quantification of the profit contribution of “marketing assets” such as brands, reputation and customer satisfaction etc. He has written numerous articles for prestigious national and international journals and is further assessor for the “International Journal of Advertising”. One of his articles was awarded with the Best Paper Award of the “European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management” and his dissertation was honored by the sponsorship award “Forum Münchner Betriebswirte”.

For many years Prof. Dr. Sebastian Scharf contributes his expertise in cooperation with BIESALSKI & COMPANY to consulting projects in a variety of industries – ranging from automotive companies to consumer goods manufacturers to energy suppliers. Under his direction tailored tools for the strategic and operational brand planning, management and control are developed.

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