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New rules require new tools

Everyone talks about digitalisation these days. Often the following question is raised: “Is this even necessary?“ When the Internet gained popularity within the last two decades, the question regarding the need for a dedicated website could clearly be answered with yes. However, answering this question in relation to digitalisation is more challenging due to the higher complexity of the issue.

The question should rather be: „How and in which places can we use digitalisation to our own benefit?“ There are numerous opportunities such as the optimisation of marketing processes, whereby your brand positioning can be implemented in a more effective and efficient way both internally and externally.

Another issue is the connectivity of communication. The positive effects of an integrated communication have already been proven a long time ago. This is true for both cross-channel communication and communication where offline and online channels have been coordinated. By looking at the customer journey as a whole and optimising every single touchpoint and particularly the Moments of Truth, you can precisely anchor your brand in the minds of your target group and therefore offer a more consistent brand experience.

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