Digital transformation

Digital transformation

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Digital transformation

The world is changing – continuously and often faster than expected: What was up-to-date yesterday can be outdated tomorrow. The digital change is in full swing and the volatility, the uncertainty, the complexity and the ambiguity of our world is steadily increasing – we are in an ongoing change process. For companies, this means remaining agile and flexible and being open to changes at any given time.

Our fast changing world is marked by rapidly advancing and increasingly complex technologies. Topics such as artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, internet of things or smart infrastructure concern almost everyone. But only for the least consumers, customers and employees are the digital topics indeed tangible or truly understandable.

In addition, there are the constantly changing needs and lifestyles. Especially digital natives of generation z and their desire for free development as well as their changed expectations for “just-in-time reactions” pose a great challenge to many companies. The demand for individually tailored solutions is increasing. Lot size one is becoming normality. This individuality, in turn, is in a tension field to the sovereign handling of data. At the same time, traditional marketing is losing importance and communication is becoming increasingly incalculable – due to the targeted and conscious use of online media by the advancing target group on the one hand and the fusion of the online and offline worlds on the other.

But that’s not enough. Through the permanent starting-up of new providers in the market, the variety of brands continues to grow evermore, too. As a result, competitive pressure and consumer choices are increasing. Those who do not stand out in a positive way and clearly position themselves will get lost in the masses.

What we offer

We put on customer glasses and identify the conscious and latent needs of your customers under the involvement of target group representatives. On the basis of these customer insights, we position your brand in the context of digital transformation as a solver for your market-specific, complex and dynamic issues. In the course of this, existing as well as new offering-formats will be translated into the customers’ language, through the evolvement of easily understandable argumentation chains.

Together with you, we question your digital strategy and define areas of development within the framework of further strategic development. The primary goal of this is to create a competitive advantage through the integration and synchronization of analogue and digital business models. Your brand will be embedded in your business model by means of guiding principles that reflect your self-image in the context of digital transformation. On this base, we train attitude and behaviour. This creates understanding among employees for the necessity of digital transformation and motivates them to actively participate!

Finally, together we reflect the measurement of implementation success at the level of the perceived benefit. This shows whether your brand can convey the promised benefits authentically. Thereby the focus in our increasingly digital world is on the rapidity, the flexibility, the individuality and the fulfilment of needs.

Your benefit

Within the digital transformation the customer, as an individual, moves into the centre of attention. You can use this to your advantage, by positioning your brand as a trusted partner for fluid problems. The concrete definition of your brand serves internally – for your employees – as orientation. On this basis you can bring your brand to life in across all relevant touch points – both in the communication in digital media as well as in the interpersonal contact. In addition, the clear definition of your brand enables you to differentiate yourself from your competitors – you stand out from the mass of providers!

Together with our many years of experience, our systematic process and your brand we translate the digitisation into the language of your employees and customers – making it tangible and understandable for both stakeholders. This understanding of the digital changes’ importance in your specific case creates acceptance! In turn, this increases the motivation of the employees to actively participate and shape the company. Thus, the most important foundation for the establishment of a culture of flexibility and agility has been laid. Such a corporate culture ultimately forms a decisive advantage over competitors – because those who establish themselves first in the concentrated markets of the increasingly digital world will control the customer access – according to the motto: The winner takes it all!

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