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Marketing process optimisation

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Marketing process optimisation

Everyone knows the following issues: the recurring and apparently resembling processes for designing the means of communication, the problem of internal „wear out“ – the feeling of „I have already seen it a thousand times before, I can’t see it anymore“ – as well as the time-consuming and complex compiling of relevant content for the agency briefing. What does the solution to these problems look like?

Successful companies are primarily aligned to the needs of their target group. The target group analysis can be used to acquire knowledge about perception, attitude and behaviour towards the company and marks the starting point for continuous development.

It is necessary to anchor a clear, relevant and differentiating company and brand image in the minds of the target group and to make this image perceptible both internally and externally.

A structured approach eventually allows an effective and efficient orientation of all behavioural and communicative activities to the needs of the target group, with the aim of increasing the company’s success. This is the only way for all parties to move in the same direction.

What we offer

We have developed a toolbox that can be made available in different digital configuration stages. Besides current market research results that can also be analysed individually, the toolbox includes comprehensive messages that build on the brand positioning, desires and needs of the target group as well as on the specific communication occasion. Additionally the toolbox contains CD-guidelines and tools to plan and monitor your marketing and communication. This way it combines all relevant and important information and tools in one integrated platform and provides valuable support for the daily and efficient brand work.

In order to create a toolbox for marketing process optimisation, sound information regarding the following topics should be available:

  • Vision, mission and strategic brand goals
  • Brand value drivers that have the highest impact on customer loyalty and acquisition
  • Brand positioning, including specific value propositions that can be used to generate competitive advantage
  • Brand concretisation: brand positioning that has been substantiated together with employees and includes specific guiding principles for the communicative implementation and phrased guidelines for the behaviour of employees when faced with the outside world

If some or all of this information is missing, we are more than happy to assist you in deriving the information together.

In the further process we offer checklists for the communicative implementation, but also develop implementation guidelines for sales and communication, including recommendations for visuals, metaphors, story lines and context.

Together with the toolbox you receive a set of tools based on a digital platform that help to make your marketing processes more effective and efficient. Furthermore it allows you to link marketing mix activities and contents with each other, which leads to more transparency for the set of measures and creates synchronisation of the different disciplines. This way we ensure that even in complex organisations, all business units communicate in a brand-consistent way.

Your benefit

Using the toolbox allows you to anchor the company’s defined standards in the daily actions of all employees and makes the positioning elements tangible and perceptible through the use of key messages, visuals, metaphors, key concepts etc.

The employees are supported in making the brand positioning perceptible in the internal and external mediation: Both through communication – consistent at all touchpoints – as well as through interaction with all stakeholder groups.

On top of that, communication guidelines support you in optimising the touchpoints along the customer journey. Behavioural guidelines serve as guidance for a brand-consistent behaviour in the course of the behavioural branding.

Using our tool set offers you:

  • Effectiveness through focus on the most effective brand facets when implementing the communication
  • Efficiency through focus on customer benefits when designing the communicative measures in terms of clarity, differentiation and relevance for the target group
  • Consistency through the use of guidelines for all involved parties
  • Integration through the link between channel and content management
  • Practicability through the quick improvement in implementation quality by means of a system that is easy to use and understand

Finally you create relief and reduce pressure in conjunction with fun by using the tools.

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