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Brand potential analysis

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Brand potential analysis

There is one thing we have learnt from many years in the brand consulting field: There is unused potential in most brands. The reasons for this are diverse:

  • Needs of the target group that can be satisfied with your brand,
  • Unused extension potential of your brand regarding product variations or coverage of new segments,
  • „white spots“ on the map – these can be regions or also whole countries,
  • Price increase potentials
  • Target group potentials
  • And many more.

In order to raise these potentials, we do not only combine brand and market data, but also integrate economic efficiency and plan data into our analyses. This way we support your established business plan by considering the target group’s needs. Our suggested solutions always include advanced and tested procedures and methods.

What we offer

We draft a realistic structural model for your brand and company that helps you to identify potentials that can be realised in the short-term (so-called “quick wins”). On the other hand you also receive mid- to long-term scenario analyses and statements regarding profitability. This is possible for us since we conduct these analyses by looking at it from a financial point of view.

We can determine the following potentials for you:

  • Market potential
  • Market share potential
  • Brand expansion potential (regarding products, regions, target groups, distribution, etc.)
  • Pricing and condition potential
  • Prominence, sympathy and trust potential

Based on the analysis and using the insights regarding the desires and needs of the target group we derive specific recommendations for action. These recommendations rest on methodological approaches that are combined with sociodemographic characteristics regarding attitude and behaviour as well as quantitative profitability calculations for each segment.

Your benefit

Using the brand potential analysis we uncover potential earnings of your brand and offer you specific recommendations for action and decision support to implement these. This way you can increase your sales and revenue, but also achieve higher penetration of your markets. You optimize your profit margin and profitability through an optimized price and conditions system. You strengthen your competitive position through a differentiated product and service range that helps you to improve your market share. You uncover subsistent target group structures based on their desires and needs in the market. Using competent procedures and methods you obtain comprehensive decision and strategy templates that are also suitable for top management.

Through the analysis you gain more certainty when making your decision, which gives you relief. Your performance is recognised and accepted more strongly, meaning that you can shape your brand and the contribution of marketing to the success of your company even more.

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