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What is a brand analysis?

Brand analysis is understood to be a valid and proven behavioural science approach that shows the impact of the brand in a transparent and comprehensible way. Based on a target group survey with a comprehensive sample, significant differences between the brand and the respective established competitors are worked out. “What are the strengths and weaknesses of your brand from the target group’s point of view?”, “What competitive advantages does your brand have compared to the most important competitors?” or “What added value can be generated with your brand?” are just some of the questions we answer in the course of the analysis.

Why is a brand analysis useful?

Successful companies are primarily focused on the needs of their customers. A brand analysis provides important insights into the strengths and weaknesses of a brand. Knowledge is gained about the perception, attitude and behaviour of the target group towards the brand. One speaks of a “state of health” of the brand, which ultimately marks the starting point for continuous further development. Through the comprehensive analysis, companies can better understand their own brand and optimise its positioning in a targeted manner.

The following reasons support the relevance of a brand analysis:

1. competitive advantage
A brand analysis helps to determine the status quo of one’s own brand in comparison to competitors and to uncover and finally eliminate essential weaknesses.

2. customer loyalty
A strong brand has high customer loyalty. Brand analysis helps to understand customer behaviour and their brand perception in order to improve the brand experience on this basis and thus increase customer loyalty.

3. changes in the company
In the course of corporate changes, such as a merger or takeover, a brand analysis is particularly useful. The analysis can provide transparency on how the brands of the different companies complement and differentiate each other and how integration can take place.

What we offer

We are happy to support you with a structured analysis of your brand and your competitors along the brand value chain to identify those levers that systematically promote the brand.

The target-orientated analysis provides the following insights:

  • Identification of the most important brand touchpoints from the target group’s point of view.
  • Analysis of the brand presence in the target group.
  • Evaluation of the general brand image and the competence of the brand from the target group’s point of view.
  • Evaluation of the emotional connection between brand and target group.
  • Overview of the most important behavioural dimensions, such as relevant set, first choice and purchase.
  • Calculation of value drivers.
  • Calculation of brand value creation, differentiated according to business areas.
Brand analysis: measuring brand success with the brand value chain

Your benefit

You consistently orientate your brand towards the desires and needs of your target group. This is the basic prerequisite for the further development of your brand and therefore for your future success. By providing a differentiating product and service range you can strengthen your competitive position, further expand your market share and raise the sales and revenue growth potential. Therefore, you can focus on the really important aspects of your strategy, your measures and their implementation.

The reputation of brand and marketing in your organisation increases. This way you achieve more sovereignty and personal freedom. You can concentrate on the really important things.

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