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What is reputation management?

Reputation management involves monitoring, analysing and influencing the online and offline presence of a company or person in order to actively manage their own reputation. The goal of reputation management is to maintain, protect and, if necessary, improve the image of one’s own brand in the public eye. Against this background, it is important to actively disseminate positive content with a focus on the respective stakeholders in a targeted manner.

Why does integrated management of reputation make sense?

An integrated reputation management completes the loop for improving a company’s reputation in a targeted way: from analysis to implementation to monitoring. Why is it necessary to manage a “good name”? Reputation is a significant lever to the company’s success – an important “asset” that needs to be cared for and actively steered. What is meant with management in this case is to communicate the correct message to media and stakeholders at the right moment in time. The company takes over a steering function in order to specifically influence the public opinion. Supposed negative publicity of the press is systematically counteracted. Consequently, it is about creating a positive perception of stakeholders and the accompanying public opinion towards the company.

Reputation management model

What we offer

You receive an individual system that allows for an integrated control of your company reputation. The results of the reputation analysis, or rather the reputation messages relevant for value creation, form the basis for this. These are complemented by specific lines of arguments that help employees in the sales and distribution area and those responsible for the corporate communication to directly address the respective stakeholders – from customers to investors. In doing so it is inevitable to take into account the positioning that forms the strategic framework.

Which communication channels should be used to convey the messages? Based on the stakeholder journey specified with you, we determine the most important touchpoints for the respective stakeholder group – the “moments of truth”.

How does an exciting context help the message to gain relevance and therefore receive greater attention? The storytelling guide serves as source of inspiration. In just a few steps it is possible to wrap the message into a credible and convincing story.

As a result a target system for the reputation control is developed, which regularly captures the development of the company reputation, measures the perception of key messages with the stakeholders and gives concrete recommendations for action for the next period. The system can be used analogous or on a digital platform. This reputation toolbox sets clear internal guidelines for all responsible staff and raises the efficiency of the cooperation with external media professionals such as journalists and online influencers.

Your benefit

An integrated reputation management system creates a framework for a consistent transmission of content across all channels and media, both analogue and digital. The most important thing is: you set a clear focus on your messages since you communicate content that is of high relevance to your stakeholders and transports a concrete benefit. This way you gradually strengthen the company reputation with the stakeholder groups and thus the company’s success.

On top of that the system is easy to handle, which simplifies the day-to-day work of responsible employees, without restricting the individual degree of freedom. This motivates and raises the efficiency and effectiveness of the daily communication work.

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