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Reputation analysis

Everyone wants to have one: a „good reputation“! But what exactly does a “good reputation” entail when expressed in figures? Despite the growing significance of reputation, there was no economic expression until now. It was not possible to identify the share of revenue created by a “good name”: Is it even worth to invest in improving the reputation? And what does your reputation look like compared to your competitors? Following Peter Drucker’s slogan “If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage it”, reputation is developed and quantified as an economic variable using statistically sound methods and proven performance indicators.

What we offer

The reputation analysis is based on questioning your individual stakeholder groups about all stages of impact of reputation. In doing so, the reputation drivers relevant for value creation are identified – i.e. the content and issues that will promote your reputation and thus your company success.

As a result you obtain the reputation index, which illustrates your reputation on a scale from 0 to 100 and allows for comparison with your competitors and other companies. The strength of reputation demonstrates to what extent your company is anchored in your customers’ consciousness.

In conjunction with your revenue, it is possible to determine the value-added share that you already generate through your “good reputation” today. The so-called reputation value is the percentage share of reputation on purchase behaviour and thus also the share of reputation on revenue.

But what is it going to look like in the future? Using scenario analysis we offer you a forecast of your target reputation and thus determine the reputation potential.

Based on the measurement of your reputation success, you can receive a regular reporting on request, which informs you about the development of your reputation over time – obviously in a suitable “management” layout.

Your benefit

We uncover the individual interdependencies of your company’s reputation in an objective and transparent way. You receive transparency regarding the level of influence of individual actions, the strength of reputation and the important levers to success. This knowledge helps you to set the right focus on the relevant content and channels. All this is worthwhile: 20 percent of revenue is on average explained by your company reputation. By using reputation analysis, you take the first step to reputation management.

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