Brand management/ brand controlling

Brand management/ brand controlling

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Brand management/
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A brand is often understood as logo, writing or claim – and brand work is limited to creative output, even though a brand is much more than that! It is an important component for corporate success. This explains why it is so important to carefully examine the brand and regulate it selectively. There are several ways to measure the success of brand work. Market and financial data, target group analyses or brand studies examine different key themes concerning the brand. However, individual survey results often only tell half of the story. For the management of your brand, one thing is crucial: The integrated consideration of all findings, i.e. the ‘big picture’ about the brand success as solid base for a targeted brand planning in the future. Which objectives should be achieved with the brand in what time period? What are the operational areas and communicative messages that should be of main focus in order to meet the objectives? An integrated and systemised procedure makes the usage of brand management and brand controlling practical and comprehensive.

What we offer

To be able to provide evidence for the success of your brand work, the brand is made measurable and controllable. Using an integrated system to plan and manage brands makes it possible to take on a 360-degree perspective. When concrete brand goals are specified, these need to support both the company strategy and sales objectives. Nevertheless, it is just as important to be well informed about the needs of the target group and address these accordingly. Which messages are of highest relevance to potential buyers and customers in deciding for your brand? The so-called brand value drivers simplify the process of winning over and binding customers as well as the realisation of the price-premium. This way you lay the foundation for brand planning: You have a clear focus on the content that really matters for the communicative implementation.

The next step is equally important: For each of these promising messages, we determine predicted target values and compare these with the current perception in the target group. This demonstrates whether the specified goals were met and which messages still need to be anchored in the minds of the target group.

The integrated approach for brand management and brand controlling makes your brand a measurable asset of the company that can be actively and systematically regulated.

Your benefit

Brand management is simplified through this process. The tool explains the interdependences of your brand in a comprehensive way. You receive transparency regarding the status quo of your brand performance. This way, you can prove the significance of brand management and marketing for the whole organisation. At the same time, realistic and resilient quantified budget figures for the brand promises help you to be perfectly equipped for the upcoming planning horizon. For this, you obtain – depending on your individual needs and requirements – a digital tool with an easy user interface. The integrated system for brand management and brand controlling therefore fulfils two main functions: It offers you clear objectives, but also recommendations for action in order to meet these objectives and therefore creates safety for planning and implementation.

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