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Brand licensing

Is your company also looking for new growth opportunities? By licensing the brand, responsible people have the opportunity to contribute their share. Especially since a brand can help to increase revenue in a sustainable way. Awarding or accepting brand licenses generates additional cash flow and therefore directly improves the earnings position of the company – if done correctly.

The biggest obstacle: between 80 and 90 percent of all brand extensions do not lead to permanent success. There is great danger to weaken your own brand, dilute your image and therefore damage the value of your company.

To prevent this from happening, licensing needs to be subjected to a structured management process that optimises value creation and minimises risks. Several questions need to be answered: which license fields fit with my brand? How do I find the right licensee or licensor? What is an appropriate license rate? How do I ensure that my brand is not damaged?

The brand licensing process gives you answers to these questions, therefore reducing your investment risk and giving you reliability during your decision-making. Based on the motto: some things work, others do not – good to know beforehand!

What we offer

The holistic, yet at the same time systematic brand licensing process by BIESALSKI & COMPANY comprises all the significant steps – from license strategy up to operational implementation.

During the strategic phase, potential fields of expansion are defined and their attractiveness for the brand analysed, including the involved value adding potentials. Additionally, your expectations regarding future license partners are summarised in a fact sheet to ensure the search is limited to licensees or licensors matching your standards.

The next step involves the professional address and valuation of all potential candidates, which lies the foundation for a cooperative and fertile partnership between licensee and licensor.

An important prerequisite for a good cooperation is a license rate that is considered appropriate by both parties. Such rate is determined directly from the actual value creation of the brand. In doing so, the added monetary brand value is divided at an appropriate level including licensee and licensor, according to the rights and obligations to be defined.

As part of the operational support, specific requirements for the licensee are defined, which include product properties, price setting, distribution channels and communication. These requirements are regularly reviewed during central license controlling. The regular exchange between licensee and licensor based on set communication and information processes simplifies a rewarding long-term collaboration.

Your benefit

You receive conceptual and operational implementation of the entire license management as well as a holistic brand licensing process from one provider.

By being given access to a competent and experienced contact person for all questions regarding license management, you save internal resources and benefit from our brand license know-how.

Moreover, you receive complete transparency during the license period, both with regards to the performance of your brand in the new license area and to activities of your license partner.

As a result, professional license management helps you to reduce your investment risk while at the same time widening your revenue sources and strengthening the perceived reputation. After all, license business should be fun for everyone involved!

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