Employer brand

What is an Employer Brand?

An employer brand reflects a company’s identity as an employer, addressing both current employees and potential talent. It is subordinate to the corporate brand and specifies its benefits and values to target groups in the job market. The goal is to enhance the attractiveness and retention of employees within the company.

The following core questions are central to the employer branding process:

  • What image does the employer want to achieve in the job market?
  • What differentiates the employer positively from competitors – in other words, how can the employer brand increase its appeal?

What defines a Strong Employer Brand?

A successful employer brand must be authentic: it highlights the real benefits of the employer, keeps its promises, and ultimately gains the interest and trust of potential talent while maintaining the trust of existing employees.

Building an employer brand requires a targeted strategy focused on both employees and applicants, and it must be integrated into the values and guidelines of the corporate brand.

How do Employer Brand and Product Brand differ? And how are they connected?

The employer brand and the product brand are entirely different and follow different orientations. The key differences are summarised below:

  • Target group
    While the product brand targets B2B or B2C customers, the employer brand focuses on attracting qualified professionals and retaining existing employees.

  • Focus
    The employer brand concentrates on the reputation and image as an employer, covering aspects like company culture, work environment, and career opportunities. In contrast, the product brand focuses on unique selling points and traits to meet customer needs.
  • Objectives
    The employer brand aims to attract talent and increase employee satisfaction to enhance retention of current staff.
  • Communication
    While the employer brand communicates a clear and consistent message about the company’s values, culture, and career opportunities, the product brand emphasises the differentiating benefits of the product or service.
Although the employer and product brands have different orientations, they influence each other – both positively and negatively – and must be interlinked during development. The brand positioning of the product or service brand serves as a basis for deriving the employer brand.
Integration of Employer Brand and Product Brand
A strong employer brand can boost the product brand by attracting talented employees who drive the company forward. Similarly, a strong product brand can enhance the appeal of the employer brand. Both brand concepts should be developed with consideration for each other and distinguished with their respective focuses.

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