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„Brands are the steam engines of post-industrial society.“

Looking at corporate balance sheets over the past decades, it is clear that the share of intangible assets is increasing. Among the S&P 500 companies, the value has increased fivefold in the last 40 years. Even among DAX companies, almost half of the company value is accounted for by “hidden reserves”, which are not reflected in the companies’ balance sheets. Brands belong to these intangible assets and are among the central value drivers of many industries.

Based on the B&C benchmark database, you will gain a unique insight into the power of brands to create value. We show you approaches and possibilities to increase your brand performance!

Key findings

49% is the average share of the brand in the company value

Strong brands can achieve more than 10% higher prices in the competitive environment

Strong brands achieve an average brand return of 8% – in the B2B sector even higher than in the B2C environment

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