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Facts create knowledge - knowledge creates success

Knowledge is the prerequisite for strategic and operational excellence. These days, successful brand management requires thorough knowledge and therefore deep insights: Insights into the target group, their desires and needs as well as into the most important touchpoints along the customer journey. Additionally, insights into the competition, their offers and particularly your own brand and company with its products and offers are needed.

Only if all these insights can be reconciled with the brand positioning, brand management will be successful. Ideally, the strengths of your brand address the most important needs of your target groups. If these strengths also differ from the relevant competition, important prerequisites are fulfilled.

What knowledge should you precisely have at your disposal? Firstly it should be analysed how the brand appeals has, i.e. what strengths and weaknesses do the target groups experience and at which touchpoints is the brand perceived?

 As a next step it is useful to analyse the brand potential. Which additional needs can be satisfied through the brand? The new products, product variations and services derived this way are assessed prior to their market launch using a brand concept test. This way, the determination of those new products, services or offers is made that promise the highest success.

 Additionally, it is possible to determine the value drivers and their value-added share, i.e. the contribution of each brand characteristic to revenue.

Since people can be very different from each other, we use segmentation to divide your target groups into groups whose desires and needs resemble each other and can therefore be addressed in a more targeted way.

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